Untitled (Eternal, Pas de Deux, Plié)

Anna Lucas and Alice Walton

4mins15secs looped colour stereo 2018


Coming about through a series of studio experiments by artists Anna Lucas and Alice Walton, Untitled (Eternal, Pas de Deux, Plié) explores a shared concern with the printed photographic image. Activating a feeling of movement through the repetition of simple gestures in relation to the printed page the work surfaces their interest in close looking. In this instance, black and white book pages (of reflected bodies in dance rehearsal or an embracing Rodin sculpture) from Walton’s archive are turned and reflected back on themselves, revealing and concealing their subject matter to set up a correspondence across the pages and draw attention to the particularities of the images. The formal qualities of line, texture and juxtaposition are as enticing here as the reflexive touch of a real hand across a (printed) body.


Anna Lucas and Alice Walton have worked together professionally for many years and this is their first collaboration as artists. They share an interest in the role of conversation, in working alongside one another, within their practices.